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“Master the art of underwater photography in a 2-day course. Capture stunning marine moments with expert guidance.”



Immerse yourself in the art of capturing the underwater world with our 2-day Underwater Photographer Diving Course. Designed for both novice and experienced divers, this course is a unique opportunity to master the techniques of underwater photography.

Over two dynamic days, you’ll learn the fundamentals of underwater photography, including equipment setup, composition, lighting, and post-processing. Our seasoned instructors, with years of experience in both diving and photography, will guide you through hands-on sessions in a variety of aquatic settings.

Day one focuses on theory and basic skills, ensuring you’re comfortable with your camera gear and settings. Day two takes you into the depths, where you’ll apply your newfound knowledge to capture the mesmerizing marine life and stunning seascapes.

Whether you’re an aspiring photographer or simply want to document your underwater adventures, this course equips you with essential skills. By the end, you’ll have a collection of captivating underwater images to cherish and share. Dive into the world of underwater photography with us and capture the beauty beneath the surface like never before.

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4 days