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Koh Phangan West Coast Snorkeling
Discover the enchanting underwater world off the west coast of Koh Phangan, a snorkeler’s paradise. Crystal-clear waters reveal vibrant coral gardens teeming with life. Slip into the warm embrace of the sea and encounter colorful reef fish darting among the corals. Keep an eye out for graceful sea turtles gliding past, adding a touch of magic to your snorkeling adventure. With gentle currents and a kaleidoscope of marine life, this destination promises an unforgettable snorkeling experience for all.

Ang Thong Marine Park Snorkeling
Ang Thong Marine Park is a snorkeler’s dream come true. Dive into the park’s protected waters to explore a pristine underwater world. Swim alongside curious fish in the shallow, emerald-green lagoons, and then venture deeper to discover the diverse marine life residing among the park’s underwater pinnacles. Witness the harmony of coral reefs and colorful fish species, making this marine park a snorkeling utopia.

Sail Rock Snorkeling
Sail Rock isn’t just for divers; it’s also a fantastic snorkeling spot. Wade into the turquoise waters and witness the vibrant marine spectacle that lies just below. Snorkel alongside the pinnacle, where you’ll find schools of fish and colorful corals. Keep your eyes peeled for larger visitors like barracudas and trevallies, adding excitement to your snorkeling adventure at this iconic site.

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Sail Rock, Angthong Marine Park, West Coast