Assistant Instructor


Become an Assistant Instructor with our 4 days Dive Course! Gain skills, teach diving, and share your passion. Dive into the future with GoPro footage!



The Assistant Instructor Dive Course is a pivotal step towards becoming a skilled diving professional. This comprehensive program bridges the gap between being a certified diver and taking on the role of an instructor. With a focus on refining your dive leadership abilities, this course provides valuable insights into organizing and supervising dive activities. Through classroom sessions, pool exercises, and open water training, you’ll gain practical experience in demonstrating dive skills and assisting instructors during courses.

Capture the essence of the Assistant Instructor Dive Course through stunning GoPro footage that showcases your progression, from honing your techniques to guiding fellow divers. The course equips you with teaching techniques, dive theory, and risk management skills necessary to succeed in the dive industry. With hands-on practice, you’ll develop the confidence to lead and inspire others, ensuring safe and enjoyable diving experiences. This course is your stepping stone to sharing your passion for diving while playing a vital role in cultivating the next generation of underwater enthusiasts.

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4 days