Night Dives

Night diving off Haad Yao Beach is like stepping into another world under the moonlit sky. As the sun sets, the underwater realm awakens with a vibrant display of nocturnal marine life. Descending into the darkness, you’ll witness bioluminescent wonders, from sparkling plankton to mysterious creatures that come to life in the cover of night. The underwater topography takes on an eerie yet enchanting beauty, with coral formations and marine inhabitants illuminated by your dive light, creating an otherworldly ambiance. It’s a surreal and unforgettable experience, where you’ll feel like an explorer in a hidden, mysterious universe, making each night dive off Haad Yao Beach a thrilling adventure into the unknown.

What our Customers are saying

Safe diving with best equipment

I highly recommend Haad Yao Divers since safety is the most important part for me when it comes to diving. Haad Yoa Divers equipment is in top condition


From Bangkok

Amazing Experience!!

Over the past year I have visited Koh Pha Ngan three times and have spent almost 10 weeks as a student/fun diver at Haad Yao Diver. This German run school (Heike thank you for everything 🙂 has very skilled and caring instructors, well-maintained, good-quality equipment, the biggest and safest boat on the island

Alexa Cach

Salzburg, Austria

Perfect experience!

Everything was fantastic! Very nice and patient as well as well trained staff. The dives where amazing (Sail Rock). We had everything we needed for a perfect experience.

Alain F

From Bern, Switzerland