Koh Phangan Local dive sites

Rock Point: A local dive site offering exciting underwater adventures. While it’s true that visibility and currents can be unpredictable, when conditions are right, this spot becomes a diver’s paradise. On the sheltered, shallow south and west sides, depths stay under 10 meters, providing an easy and relaxing experience.  The north and east sides offer deeper waters of around 20 meters is perfect for vibrant sea fans.

Haad Salad: Dive into Haad Salad, Koh Phangan’s serene underwater world. This tranquil bay on the Thai island boasts crystal-clear waters and a diverse marine ecosystem. Discover colorful coral gardens teeming with tropical fish like butterflyfish and angelfish. Keen-eyed divers may spot seahorses, nudibranchs, and more. Haad Salad’s calm waters suit all skill levels. After your dive, relax on the pristine beach and savor beachfront dining with stunning sunset views. It’s the perfect blend of nature and underwater adventure.


Haad Yao: boasts one of the most thriving coral reefs along Koh Phangan’s western coast, running the entire length of this stunning sandy shoreline. It’s a prime spot for gentle submersions, snorkeling, and leisurely swims.  Here, you can encounter graceful Stingrays, lively Wrasse, impressive Groupers, and charming Gobies, making it a haven for underwater enthusiasts.

Koh Ma: Dive into a gently sloping reef, where a vibrant underwater world unfolds. This site is a harmonious blend of robust and delicate corals, teeming with diverse marine species. Encounter the usual suspects like lionfish, angelfish, butterfly fish, and clownfish, but the true gems lie in the extraordinary.  During times of current, keep your eyes peeled for barracuda cruising through the deep blue. Koh Ma promises an underwater spectacle that’s both captivating and unforgettable.

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Safe diving with best equipment

I highly recommend Haad Yao Divers since safety is the most important part for me when it comes to diving. Haad Yoa Divers equipment is in top condition


From Bangkok

Amazing Experience!!

Over the past year I have visited Koh Pha Ngan three times and have spent almost 10 weeks as a student/fun diver at Haad Yao Diver. This German run school (Heike thank you for everything 🙂 has very skilled and caring instructors, well-maintained, good-quality equipment, the biggest and safest boat on the island

Alexa Cach

Salzburg, Austria

Perfect experience!

Everything was fantastic! Very nice and patient as well as well trained staff. The dives where amazing (Sail Rock). We had everything we needed for a perfect experience.

Alain F

From Bern, Switzerland