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Even though there are a wide range of PADI courses and Adventure dives to choose from, there is also the opportunity to specialise in particular diving activities. Maybe you have bought a new camera and underwater housing recently, we can for example offer specialisation in this field so you can learn to get the best out of your new equipment.

Beside our PADI Standard courses we provide you with the following PADI Specialties:


PADI Enriched Air Diver (NITROX)divers_breathing_underwater_with_nitrox_160

You may already have heard about Nitrox. NITROX refers to the mixture of nitrogen and oxygen in your diving tank which contains a higher percentage of oxygen than the normal air we breathe. For this reason, NITROX Diving is also called ENRICHED AIR Diving.

Enriched Air provides a number of benefits:

  • Longer dives, because your no-decompression limit is extended.
  • Re-entering the water sooner in between dives compared to normal air, because we have less nitrogen built up as a result of repetitive diving.
  • Feel less tired after the dives.
  • Safer dives, because of reduced nitrogen saturation

The course covers the equipment and procedural concerns involving Enriched Air. You will learn how to plan Enriched Air dives, and determine your no decompression limit and other factors that need to be taken into account, such as your oxygen exposure limit while using enriched air.

You can easily integrate the EANx Certification in other PADI Courses (e.g. last Dive of the Open Water Course or as part of your Advanced Open Water certification.)

EANx Nitrox Koh Phangan

Duration: 2 days and includes

1. theory session
2. cylinder analysis
3. two NITROX Dives


Enriched Air NITROX - First day classroom, second day 2 dives off boat 8700 THB Booking


PADI Underwater Photographerunderwater_photographer_225

The PADI Digital Underwater Photographer course gets you started quickly with the necessary skills to take a good underwater picture with a digital camera.  Now, you can proudly upload your photos onto Facebook and share your joy with your friends.

This is a great introductory course for divers interested in the new revolution of digital underwater photography, and for photographers wanting to further develop their skills. The course covers photographic principles of digital cameras, digital underwater photography, basic underwater shooting and how to improve you pictures.

The course includes instruction on preparation and care of variety of cameras, techniques on getting the best shots.

Koh Phangan Underwater Photographz

Duration: 2 days, includes

1. Theory Sessions
2. Two Dives
Minimum Age: 12 years

The PADI Underwater Digital Photographer course is open to divers as well as snorkelers.

UW Photographer - 1 day classroom, 1 daytrip 2 dives 7400 THB Booking
UW Photographer - 1 day classroom, 2 dives beach 5200 THB Booking



PADI Multi Level Diver (Computer Diving)multilevel_dives_with_dive_computers_177

There is so much to see underwater and we all want to make the most of our stay. In this course you'll learn what multilevel diving is and how you plan for these dives.

You will use the different types of multilevel dive calculators, including the e-RDPml and Dive Computers, as well as learning multi level diving procedure which include the planning, organisation and potential problem solving techniques.

Duration: 2 days, includes

1. 1 day theory session
2. two dives (daytrip)
3. Use of the eRDP ML, dive computer and wheel
Minimum age: 12 years


Multi Level Diver, Computer Diving - 2 dives boat on a daytrip 4800 THB Booking



PADI Night Diverhaad_yao_divers_night_dive_200

Discover the world of Night Diving. You will be amazed at the incredible differences you'll find between day and night on the reef.

The course provides you with a detailed orientation of our local nocturnal aquatic life. The training also covers the planning and organisation procedures needed to make night diving a safe and pleasurable experience. It also teaches the specialised navigation and communication techniques used while night diving including the use of dive lights.


Duration: 2 days, includes

1. Theory
2. Three Night dives
Minimum Age: 12 years


Night Diver - 2 dives boat, 1 dive beach 7800 THB Booking
Night Diver - 3 dives off beach 6500 THB Booking

PADI Deep Diverwhaleshark_koh phangan

In this exciting course you will learn how to conduct deep dives safely and enjoyably.

You will discover new thrills and how to prepare for all the special concerns associated with diving to depths of 40 meters including the importance of dealing with the effects of nitrogen narcosis.

Practise diving with a computer and learn more about safety considerations when planning multiple dives in a day. Learn making emergency de-compression stops and how to set up a drop tank. Consider new hazards that may exist at deeper depths, such as reduced visability and colder water temperatures.


Duration: 2days, includes

1. Theory Session
2.  Four dives
Minimum age: 15 years


Deep Diver - 2 days, 4 dives boat on a daytrip 8600 THB Booking



PADI Underwater Navigator

Underwater navigation with compass

How do I know where I am underwater at any given time? How do I find my way back to the boat without surfacing and looking for it? How will using a compass improve my diving skills?

You will be taught to navigate using a compass, the environment you dive in (known as natural navigation) and will also be shown techniques to estimate the distance you have travelled underwater. With these skills you can be confident that you will be able to safely make a dive from a beach or the boat and be able to find your way back again without surfacing.

By using the skills learnt on this comprehensive training course we can find the answers to all these questions.

Duration: 2 days, includes

1. Theory Sessions
2. Three dives and skills
Minimum Age: 12 years


UW Navigation - 1 dive beach, 2 dives boat 7600 THB Booking



PADI Underwater Naturalist

Six banded angelfish

Has diving given you a passion for the marine environment? This course will introduce you to different aquatic plants and animals to be found in the Gulf of Thailand's tropical wonderland and include an overview of our responsiblities when it comes to human interaction with aquatic life and the environment it lives in.

The course covers planning, procedures, problems and hazards of diving in different aquatic environments. The training includes two dives, which may be conducted in one day.

Duration: 1 day, includes

1. Surface skills and theory
2. Two dives (boat or beach)
 Minimum Age: 12 years

UW Naturalist - 2 dives off boat on a daytrip 6800 THB Booking
UW Naturalist - 2 dives beach 5400 THB Booking



PADI Peak Performance Buoyancy

Peak Performance Buoyancy

Improve your buoyancy and it will help you save energy and air meaning longer divetimes.

The skills learnt on this course will also demonstrate how we can prevent damage to the reefs, how we dive over and in turn prevent damage to our equipment too. Practice many different and fun buoyancy skills with your instructor and master neutral buyoancy. This course is highly recommended for Beginners and Underwater Photographers.

Duration: 1 day, includes

1. Theory Session
2. Two dives
3. Minimum Age: 12 years


Peak Performance Buoyancy - 2 dives boat on daytrip 6400 THB Booking
Peak Performance Buoyancy - 2 dives beach 5400 THB Booking