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If you have not been scuba diving for a long time, or you feel that your scuba skills and knowledge are a little out of practice, then take Haad Yao Divers PADI  Scuba Review / Tune-Up or "scuba refresher" training course here on Koh Phangan.

With this refresher course we will help you update your scuba knowledge, diving skills and confidence. The course is recommended for certified Divers who haven’t dived for 6 months or longer.


Our instructors take you to the sheltered, shallow bays on Haad Yao or Mae Haad, which are excellent spots for the refresher training. 


If you are short on time and you feel confident whilst diving we can also integrate this course into the dive trip. There is plenty of time on the boat to refresh your diving knowledge and to familiarize you with assembling of the dive gear. Before the dive, we will repeat some diving skills with you.


What You Learn

You go over scuba knowledge you learned during your Open Water Course.

Then, practice fundamental skills like mask clearing, regulator recovery etc. in a shallow water area. You review:

  • Safe diving practices
  • Dive planning
  • Problem management
  • Breathing air at depth
  • Recreational diving and dive tables: basic knowledge


Some questions you will have to answer, for example:

What are the five steps in a pre-dive safety check?

What is the maximum depth limit for all recreational diving?

What are the signs and symptoms of decompression sickness?

At 12meters/ 40 feet a diver runs out of air. Her buddy is more than 60 feet away, what should she do?

Do you remember?




The Scuba Tune-Up is now available through PADI eLearning!




Scuba Refresh - Beach 1 Dive 1400 THB Booking