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Haad Yao Divers offers you a multitude of PADI courses that take your diving experience beyond the PADI Open Water certification and right up to the Assistant Instructor level. Haad Yao Divers Instructors and Master Scuba Diver trainers can help you attain your full diving potential and prepare you to maximise your diving experience so you can enjoy all that recreational diving has to offer.


PADI Course - Advanced Open Water Diver

Lesson in the pool

After finishing your Open Water Course you can move straight onto the PADI Advanced Open Water Course. The course is an extension of the skills you developed during the Open Water Course.

This practical three day course gives you the experience of diving at depth and increases your level of diving competence. The Advanced Open Water Certification allows you to dive more divesites globally, the only limit is you!

The course comprises five adventure dives:

The two core dives are:

1. Navigation Dive
2. Deep Dive

The remaining three dives are for you to choose but our instructors will guide you in your choices and will give you some suggestions as to what is best for you in the local area.


You can choose from:

  • Multilevel Diver (Computer Diving)
  • Night Diver
  • Naturalist Diver
  • Underwater Photographer
  • Peak Performance Buoyancy
  • Search & Recovery
  • AWARE Fish ID
  • Enriched Air - Nitrox


1. Open Water Certification
2. Minimum age 11 years

The emphasis on this course is getting out there and diving!


Advanced Open Water - 3 Days 11700 THB Booking


PADI eLearning

eLearning provides the theory sessions you need for the Open Water Diver and the Advanced Open Water Diver  certifications, so you can learn at your own pace before you head off on vacation. We will adjust the course fees if you choose this option or give you a partial refund if you have booked online. You can find more information on the PADI eLearning pages.






PADI Course - Master Scuba Diver

This certification denotes that you have reached the highest recreational diver level in den PADI system of diver education. PADI Master Scuba Diver indicates that you have a significant amount of training and experience in a variety of dive environments.

To apply for your Master Scuba Diver certification you need:

  • PADI Open Water Diver (or qualifying certification from another organisation)
  • PADI Advanced Open Water Diver (or qualifiying certification from another organisation)
  • PADI Rescue Diver (or qualifying certification from another organisation)
  • 50 logged dives
  • Five PADI Specialty course certifications
  • Minimum age 15 years old (12 for Junior Master Scuba Diver)


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Master Scuba Diver, 5 Specialty courses 38000 THB Booking

PADI Course - Adventure Diver

Discover Scuba Diving from the Haad Yao beach

The perfect choice for those who want to improve their scuba diving skills but don’t have much time on holiday.

Consisting of any three Adventure Dives (see Advanced Open Water Course) you can complete this certification in as little as a day, making it a perfect and immediate follow up to the PADI Open Water Course.

You can complete another two adventure dives at any other time to gain the full PADI Advanced Open Water Certification.


One or two days
Three adventure dives


1. PADI Open Water Diver
2. Minimum age 12 years

Adventure Diver - 1 or 2 days, 3 dives 9800 THB Booking


PADI Course - Rescue Diver

This important but enjoyable course will develop your knowledge and skills so you can perform effective diver assistance and rescue management.

In the unlikely event of a diving accident you will have been trained to react and deal correctly to such a situation and be able to provide first aid before the emergency services arrive. The PADI Rescue Diver Program philosophy teaches you to focus on other divers as well as yourself by showing you how to prevent potential accidents before they happen.

The course not only provides the skills to make you a safe diver and a better dive buddy, but it is also a prerequisite for those thinking of becoming a diving professional.



1. Three days
2. Including all surface skills
3. Five logged training dives


1. Advanced Open Water Diver
2. Proof of First Aid + CPR training conducted within the last two years.
3. Minimum age: 12 years

Alternatively you can enroll on our PADI Emergency First Response course.

Rescue Diver, 3 days 11700 THB Booking



PADI Course - EFR Emergency First Response

Who knows when you may encounter an emergency situation? With these basic first aid skills you will be prepared to deal with a sudden crisis.

The course includes first aid instruction, many practical exercises and training in cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) and all the necessary training for the use of Automated External Defibrillators.

As diving is not featured in this course it is therefore open to both divers and non-divers alike.

The EFR course is one of the ways to meet the 'proof of first-aid' prerequisite for the Rescue Diver Certification.


This Emergency First Response course takes just one day and includes theory lessons, demonstrations and video documentaries.



Please Notice:

Every 'First Aid Certificate' from any other professional association is accepted as prerequisite for the Rescue Diver Course if it’s renewed within the last 24 months and includes CPR.

What is a Defibrillator?: visit

Emergency First Responder, First Aid - 1 Day 4000 THB Booking


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