insert alternate text hereKoh Phangan Diving - NIGHT DIVES


Discover the world of Night Diving. You will be amazed of the incredible differences you’ll find between day and night on the reef. The reefs come into action with blooming feather stars, active predators and a beautiful color palette of the corals — visible only at night with your torch.

Enjoy the light show from the bioluminescence, tiny phytoplankton that flash a starburst of light when disturbed in the water.


Off the beach HAAD YAO or MAE HAAD: Just gear up after sunset and walk into the sea.

Night Dive - Beach, incl Torch Rental 1500 THB Booking


Sunset-Trip to SAILROCK: The first dive will be at sunset, after a snack on the boat and enjoying the sunset, we go in the ocean for a second dive at dark.
A lot of aquatic life we've seen during the first dive will have gone to sleep when we do our second dive but new creatures have awoken.

Night Dive at Sailrock, 2 dives -sunset and night- 3200 THB Booking


Love night diving? Consider a PADI Night Diving Specialty certification! Click here for more information.