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Located in the northwest of Koh Phangan, Southwest Pinnacle is one of the most beautiful dive sites in the Gulf of Thailand. Once you arrive at the site, there is only a mooring buoy to see at the surface, but descending at the line you will soon discover how stunning this place is.

Widespread granite boulders with canyons in between and lots of crevices offer a lot of possibilities for all kind of marine life to hide – so take a good look and you will find moray eels and scorpion fish! Descending down to a depth of 25 m there are amazing sea fans and you might have the chance to see a gracious leopard shark resting on the ground.

On almost every dive there are giant barracudas and big groupers around. Also, the nosy bat fish might come close to you to have a look what kind of creature’s hides behind that strange diving gear. Ascending slowly around the pinnacles you will find millions of sea anemones with brave little clown fish inside – maybe you will find Nemo here!


We visit this dive site in combination with Sailrock and on our Three Pinnacle Trip.


Depth: 12 - 28 m
Visibility: 10 - 30 m
Experience Level: Advanced
Diving Season: January - May, August - October

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Daytrip - Sailrock and Southwest Pinnacle 3200 THB Booking
Daytrip - 3 Pinnacles, Southwest, Chumphorn, Sailrock 4200 THB Booking
Deep Diver - 2 days, 4 dives boat on a daytrip 8600 THB Booking