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The island offers many reefs from about 5 to 20 meters depth.. Common fish around the islands are barracudas, sting rays, spanish mackerel, filefish, coral shrimpfish, batfish, trevallies and the infamous Koh Tao trigger fish.

The sparsely populated east coast offers a range of unusual sites. Light House, a favourite place for Turtle spotting, Hin Wong Pinnacle with its stunning blue soft corals at 26m, Laem Thian for exploring a series of connected swimthroughs and canyons,  Ao Leuk with cornfield-like areas of Whip Corals and Shark Island with it's stunning soft corals. These sites also offer Unicorn Surgeon fish, Parrot fish and the occasional passing Black Tip Reef Shark. On a clear day, divers on the surface can even spot Koh Phangan.

Great spots for snorkelers and Discover Scuba Dives!


Depth: 10 - 28 m
Visibility: 5 - 30 m
Experience Level: Beginner - Advanced
Diving Season: January to October

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Daytrip - Koh Tao 3200 THB Booking
Discover Scuba Diving 2 dives boat, Daytrip 3600 THB Booking


Daytrip - Koh Tao 1600 THB Booking