ko phan-gan local divesitesDivesites - KOH PHANGAN WEST COAST

phangan west coast diving

The west coast of Ko Pangan offers the best diving in the area with some hard coral reefs at depths up to 20 meters. The most famous dive site Koh Maa, located in the north of Koh Phangan, is an island connected by a sand bank to Mae Haad Beach.

Around Koh Phangan there are also some islets like Koh Tae Nok, Koh Tae Nai and Kong Yai, which offer small walls, soft and filtered corals and large schools of fish. At our beautiful 'House Reef' at Haad Yao Beach you can do relaxed beach dives everytime. From sunrise to midnight! Right in front of your bungalow.


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Haad Salad dive site Koh Phangan West Coast - HAAD YAO

Our house-reef!
One of the healthiest reefs on the west coast of Koh Phangan, stretching the whole length of this beautiful beach. Excellent shallow beach dives, offer great conditions for diver training and snorkelling, with an abundance of colourful corals including table corals, barrel sponges and brain corals. Also a good variety of marine life can be seen here including blue spotted rays, porcupine fish, parrot fish, squirrel fish and fusiliers. All accessible from the beach.


koh ma divesite

haad thong lang Koh Phangan West Coast - KOH MA

One of the most interesting dive locations on Koh Phangan. This small island which is adjoined to Mae Haad beach by a sand bar offers two great dive sites with an array of corals and reef fish for snorkellers and divers alike. A diverse range of marine life such as groupers, fusiliers, angel and butterfly fish can be found idling between spectacular brain corals, table corals and anemones. Look a little closer and you'll find cuttlefish, shrimp and nudibranchs. Accessible from the beach with sandy bottom makes this an ideal site for both novice and advanced divers.


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westcoast diving koh phan gan Koh Phangan West Coast - HAAD SALAD

This quiet bay has a reef stretching around the bay with a sandy areas's at the southern end which is ideal for shallow diving and snorkelling. Many varying size of brain and table corals are found here with many colourful angel and butterfly fish swimming amongst the smaller schools of parrotfish and damsels. This dive site is one of our favourite spots.


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haad yao divesites Koh Phangan West Coast - KONG NUI

Kong Nui is a little rock landscape under water south of Haad Yao. It's just 15 minutes by longtailboat. Famous place for all kinds of soft corals
Special: Sea Fans, Scorpion Fish
Depth:   16 m


Haad Salad Dives Koh Phangan

had son dive site Koh Phangan West Coast - KONG YAI

Close to Kong Nui. It's a small rocky island and a preferred place of the islands fishermen because of the richness of fish. But that makes it a great dive site as well!
Special:  schools of barracudas and snappers, valley, swim throughs
Depth:    18 m


Koh Mah Phangan dives

local diving koh phangan Koh Phangan West Coast - HAAD CHAO PHAO

Very close divesite to Haad Yao beach. Offers all kind of coral fish, many blue spotted stingrays and nudibranches.
Special:  soft coral field
Depth:    12 m


Local Trip, Westcoast - 2 dives Diving Boat 2500 THB Booking
THB Booking


Local Trip - with Longtailboat - on request 1000 THB Booking
Local Trip - with Diving Boat 1200 THB Booking